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Machine Learning in Cybersecurity

This lesson will walk you through some simple network security issues. We will start with the ArpSpoof man-in-the-middle attack, and, how it can be used to modify data served over HTTPS.


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00:00 1. Introduction What is machine learning?
What are some applications of machine learning in cybersecurity?
00:10 2. DDoS Classification using Machine Learning What is a DDoS attack?
How can we use machine learning to train a model to identify attack and benign network traffic?
00:50 3. SVM Poisoning Attack What is a SVM poisoning attack?
What is the general procedure for poisoning a machine learning model?
What are some methods for protecting against poisoning attacks?
01:30 4. Adversarial Attacks on Neural Networks What are adversarial attacks on neural networks?
What are some methods for generating adversarial examples?
What are some methods for protecting against adversarial examples?
What situations are best suited for the binary thresholding protection method?
02:20 Finish

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